Trading Settings

This section allows to set the required parameters for the trading terminal that are used when creating and displaying orders on the chart. Here you can set your own settings for various functions for management during trading and visualization on the chart.

The settings component consists of two sections: Trade and General.

Trade tab

Setting up the display of elements on the chart, getting sound alerts, simplifying the input of trading volume and parameters of automatic execution of placing orders.

  1. The Display of Orders on the Chart section allows to enable/disable the display of active and limit orders on the chart, sound alerts on events. Set in percentage or points Display Pnl the profit and loss level (Profit and Loss).

  2. The Quick Volume Selection Buttons section allows to configure quick selection of the trading module volume based on five values. Will speed up placing an order. The Trade Buttons settings will allow to disable the ability to place Buy and/or Sell orders in the One Click Trade section. Buy Bid and Sell Ask items are responsible for creating BUY LIMIT and SELL LIMIT orders at the best buy or sell price on the market.

  3. The Order Auto-Execution section is responsible for automatic placing Stop Loss or Take Profit closing orders when activating a request separately for Buy and/or Sell orders.

For correct work of order auto-execution, you need to specify parameters in % for TP Limit and SL Limit, TP Market and SL Market, No Loss, Trailing Stop.

After making the necessary settings, the changes will be applied after clicking Save at the bottom of the field.

Visual confirmation of activated settings, such as Order Auto-Execution, Risk Management and Money Management, is located on the right upper corner of the terminal in the area for quickly selecting an account for trading.

The General tab consists of two sections:

  1. In the Terminal section you can set the display of hints and sound alerts.

  2. The Analytics section allows to connect and disable analytical terminal modules:

    Volume Tracker;

    Buy\Sell Tracker;

    Order Book Tracker.

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