Guest Access

Shared access to trading history is a form that allows to create and remove links for the Guest access mode to Trader’s diary report. The created links are displayed as a list in the table below.

*In the Guest mode, third parties can view history of user trading operations, with the function of selecting the display period of the Detailed report on closed positions and Trader's report.

The link generation form consists of the following elements:

- Account selection window allows to select an account for which trading reports are available by the link in Guest access mode.

- Switches for access by the link to Trading history and Trader’s report.

- The Generate link button is intended to create a link, which is activated subject to the selected account and one of switches.

The table with links displays: the time the link was created, the URL at which you can get guest access to user reports, an account for which the link was created, copying to the clipboard and link deleting.

To make changes or add data, you need to go to the Edit mode. And also to remove the link.

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