Group Trading

AVSTRADE group trading allows traders working from several accounts to define an unlimited number of groups, and add accounts to these groups within the same exchange.

Traders can select one of their customized groups and easily place orders for all accounts in the group, as well as manage positions both in a group and separately.

1. Go to the Accounts menu, the Groups tab.

2. Create a group.

3. In the field for selecting trading accounts, select a group.

Group trading rules:

On grouped accounts, you can carry out trading operations in mirror trading mode. Each trading operation on the master account is projected onto all others in a % ratio.

In this case, in the group trading mode, the trading module displays the master account.

If orders not belonging to the master account exist on the copying account in a certain symbol, then the change is not replicated to such a symbol in the copying account. If on the symbol on the copying account orders are placed/deleted, then this symbol on the copying account is removed from the group trading mode (all relationships of its orders with the master orders are broken).

If the request in the master account is not fulfilled by the exchange, then requests in copying accounts are not sent.

In requests to the exchange for copying accounts, all volume values in trading operations must be in the same ratio to the deposit in % as in the master account.

For example:


acc1 - master, deposit 10 BTC

acc2 deposit 5 BTC

acc3 deposit 2 BTC

The user creates an order with a volume of 0.1 BTC on the master account, in this case, as a result of mirror trading at the same level, the calculation of order volumes on copying accounts will be as follows:

Share of volume to depot on acc1: 0.1/10 = 1%

5 \* 1% = 0.05 =\> an order with a volume of 0.05 BTC will be created for acc2

2 \* 1% = 0.02 =\> an order with a volume of 0.02 BTC will be created for acc3

If the exchange does not confirm the trading operation for one of the copying accounts, a system push notification about inability to place an order on this account is sent to the user.

You can change the master account or add/remove accounts from the group anytime. If an account is removed from the group, all its orders are preserved, but an ability of mirror trading on it is canceled.

If on the master account an order is placed in group trading mode, then operations of changing/deleting this order are automatically replicated to all orders of the group. If the order of a subordinate account from a group trading is changed/deleted by the user in personal mode, then it is removed from group trading mode.

If orders are placed on the master account in Auto-Close mode, the orders on the copying account must be set to the same levels of closing orders as on the master one according to its auto-closing policy, with volume depending on the opening order on the copying one. Parameters of auto-closing for the account on the copying one must not change.

If one of the accounts does not have enough deposit to open orders, this account will be suspended, but trading in the group of other accounts will continue. When trading by the group, it is not recommended to withdraw funds from the deposit.

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