Account Connection

Accounts section

Go to the Accounts menu, Accounts tab.

The module is a list of connected accounts, as well as a system to create and manage groups of accounts.

Click Create to add an account.

Account Creation

  1. From the Exchange list, select the exchange that owns the connected account.

Available exchanges for trading:

- Binance. Available trading schemes - SPOT, MARGIN, FUTURES USDT, FUTURES COIN.

- Bitmex. Available FUTURES trading schemes.

2. In the Account Name field, enter the account name.

3. In the API Key and API Secret fields enter the received data when creating an API key on the exchange.

The API is used to connect to exchanges.

API is an application programming interface that allows the AVSTRADE terminal to get access to data and functions of the Binance or Bitmex exchange.

Creation of Binance API.

Creation of Bitmex API.

4. Money Management is a mode that allows to control the trader's work.

When activating the Money Management mode, the following terms and conditions for deals come into force:

- for one order no more than 5% of the deposit;

- for all orders no more than 20% of the deposit.

At the moment the values reach the upper limit, the terminal will refuse creating an order and will give a signal that the Money Management conditions have been exceeded.

5. Risk Management is a mode of forced closure of all active orders upon reaching the set conditions in the settings.

When the Risk Management mode is activated, the terminal begins to monitor the trader’s work and, comparing trigger conditions, closes positions:

- if the total open orders reached a profit of x% of the initial deposit, then all active positions are closed;

- if the total open orders reached a loss of x% of the initial deposit, then all active positions are closed.

6. Allow access to the IP addresses of the AVSTRADE terminal on the Binance exchange. More details in the sections Creation of Binance API. Creation of Bitmex API. 7. Click the Create button to add an account.

Information on the created account

1. Hide/Show detailed account information.

2. The name of the Exchange which the account belongs to.

3. Account name.

4. Exchange connection indicator.

5. Values of Take Profit Market and Stop Loss Market for Risk Management. If Risk Management is disabled for a given account, instead of the values "-" is displayed.

6. Money Management and Risk Management indicators.

9. Pause the account.

After enabling the Pause function, all orders and positions that belong to the account will not be available in the AVSTRADE terminal, but they will be available on the Binance or Bitmex exchanges.

The terminal will not display:

- orders and positions in the order table,

- orders and positions on the chart,

- orders and positions in the trader diary.

After the account starts working again, all orders will be available again.

10. Edit account.

Change API Key and API Secret

You can change the values of the API Key and API Secret fields by clicking on the icon of editing in the API-secret field. The API key editing form will appear:

1. Enter the terminal account password.

2. Enter the new API Key.

3. Enter the new API secret.

4. Confirm saving the new data by clicking the Save button.

11. Delete account. After clicking on the Delete icon, a confirmation form of deleting an account appears.

1. Read and accept the terms of account deletion.

All account-related settings will be irretrievably lost.

The following will be deleted along with the exchange account:

- orders from the order table,

- account trading settings,

- orders in the trader diary.

2. Enter the terminal account password.

3. Click the Delete button.

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