Order Book Trade

The exchange order book is one of the most important tools of technical analysis, which allows to determine the "line of least resistance" by which cryptocurrency moves. Also, using the exchange order book, you can accurately assess the imbalance of ask and bid prices, identify the most liquid price levels.

The order book is a table that displays information on volume of limit orders to buy and sell, which are grouped by prices of the trading tool.

The menu for managing order book data settings consists of the following elements:

- Scale bar - groups prices in rows, increasing the scale to the next one or decreasing to the previous one by pressing "+" or "-". The base price for grouping is the current Ask price, and prices are rounded up to the minimum price of the group.

The order book shows delayed orders to buy and sell the trading tool at prices above and below the market average.

Order Book Table Data:

- Left column - limit orders.

- Middle column - prices grouped by parameters specified in the Scale Bar field.

- The center of the order book - the market price level.

- Right column - volumes of limit orders.

Active orders in the table.

The active order is displayed in the central column as a highlighted cell. Depending on the profitability of the active order, the background of that half of the order book it belongs to changes colour.

Trading Mode

The trading mode in the order book is available when Trade Allowed is enabled in the terminal.\

To place limit orders you need to:

  • Enable the order book trading mode by changing the position of the slider ON\OFF.

  • Enter the volume of the trading tool you want to buy or sell.

  • Activate the imit mode by clicking on the Buy or Sell Limit button.

  • Click on the limit zone at the price you are interested in. One click corresponds to one limit order.

  • Deleting of placed limit orders is available by clicking on the Close icon in the price zone.

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