Referral Program

The referral program means deduction of % of all user payments who registered in the platform by going to it via the referral link.

On the affiliate program page you can see the entire summary information on your referral activity. The tab contains the following information:

- Visitors - total visitors who followed all your links.

- Referrals - total users registered by all your referral links.

- Conversion to subscription - displayed as a percentage for the specified period of time (percentage of views and registrations)

- Income - displays the amount of referral accruals in USDT

To create a referral link, just click on the Create link button and specify a name for this link. Then the system will generate a link and add it to the table with event details.

The system allows to generate multiple links for different channels for promotion and distribution. It will make it more efficient to analyze work on these channels.

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