Market Activity

Market Activity -- tracks price changes and volumes in minutes on all symbols. The market movement will not pass you by.

Create your own market activity.

1. Select the Monitoring icon in the right part of the terminal.

2. Click the Market Activity icon.

3. Select + to create Market Activity.

4. Select an exchange from the list (required field).

5. Select the Trade Type (prices and volumes may vary), use the type you are trading (required field).

6. From the Period drop-down menu, select a time period (required field).

7. In the volume change and price change fields, enter the value in percent (required field - one of two).

8. Enter the value in BTC in Min. volume/24h and Max. volume/24h fields.

Market activity will track only symbols that have trading volume higher or lower than the entered values.

9. Include, exclude symbols - select the symbols you want to scan only or exclude (optional field).

Messages are displayed in the main monitoring window.

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