About the Interface

At the top of the user interface workspace, there is the main control menu and the following tabs:

Terminal - displays the entire workspace for implementation of trading on connected crypto exchanges.

Trader's Diary - gives access to trading analytics. All work on the exchange is available to the trader to analyze his work.

News - displays relevant news for fundamental analysis and a crypto calendar.

On the right side of the main control menu, there are quick settings, containing:

Trade Prohibited\allowed- prohibits or allows trading in the terminal at the current time.

In Prohibited mode, the user cannot create, edit or delete orders. Previously created delayed orders remain in active mode, but without the ability to edit.

Visualization of Subscription - displays the subscription status and time until it expires.

Below the main control menu, there are the following tabs:

Trading Pairs - switches the tabs of the selected trading symbols. It is possible to open up to 120 tabs.

Activation of the indicator functions is available in the Trading Settings module.

Activation of indicator functions is available in the Accounts module.

The left side toolbar contains the following components (top-down):

Analytics components are displayed when analytics modules are enabled in the Trading Settings - General section and are available for the PRO tariff plan.

The right side toolbar contains the following components:

At the bottom of the user interface, there is the Order Table component. The component is used to search, view and manage orders stored in the system.

Displayed in two states:

1. The Balance line displays: - Quick Exchange Selection - allows to select one or more accounts within the exchange and display data on them.

- Balance (full amount of the account).

- Funds available for trading.

- Profit or loss on current open orders.

2. The Order Table is necessary to display full data on orders:

- Active - displays a list of open orders. Allows to move into the mode of editing or closing them.

- Limit - shows a list of limit orders. Allows to move into the mode of editing or deleting them.

- Algorithms - demonstrates algorithmic orders on the selected account. Allows to edit or delete them.

- Assets - displays a list of assets with profit and volume charts.

History - shows the trading history for the selected period.

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