There are 2 modes available in the terminal:

1. CROSS -- this mode allows to operate with the whole available deposit. This allows to buy maximum asset amounts and sell them, but the level of risk is not controlled here.

In practice, this mode is the most risky, and the probability of losing the whole deposit increases additionally during periods of frequent exchange rate changes in the direction of price increasing and decreasing (volatility).

2. Isolated margin. As the name suggests, the amount of funds that can be used for trading is limited in the deposit.

This mode is convenient because in case of repeated execution of unprofitable deals, the trader gets the opportunity to stop, and consider a strategy for further behaviour.

The leverage level size can be adjusted using a slider, and you can do this right during the trading process. It is only available in isolated margin mode.

The margin ratio indicator shows the risk for all positions.

Leverage Editing

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