Can I use the trial version if I plan to pay?

The trial version is available once and can be used as a supplement to the package.

I want to cancel my trial subscription, how to do this?

You cannot cancel your trial subscription.

I had a trial subscription, but it was cancelled. How can I get it back/what do I need to do?

If the system understands that the user has already had a trial subscription, then it marks this account. In such cases, a trial subscription is canceled, and the system prompts the user to buy a paid subscription, but not another trial period. You can buy one subscription.

I need more information about my subscription, payment methods and/or payment history

You can compare all available subscriptions and features by logging into your account in Bookmarks

There was a subscription and it expired. What will happen to my orders and positions, when the subscription expires?

Trading will not be available.

Previously open orders with an active subscription are available and displayed, but order editing is not possible.

Positions are displayed, close orders TP, SL, MARKET are available.

Trader's Diary - the history is available for the duration of the subscription.

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