Create a Group

Creating a group of accounts

Go to the Accounts menu, the Groups tab and click Create.

  1. From the Exchange list, select the exchange that owns the connected group of accounts. After selecting the exchange, all accounts which are connected to this exchange will be displayed.

  2. Add the group name.

  3. Select Master Account from the drop-down list.

The Master account is the account on which trading is carried out. All accounts included into the group will duplicate trading on the master account within one exchange.

If an order is placed on the master account in group trading mode, then operations of changing/deleting this order are automatically replicated to all orders of the group. If the order of a subordinate account is changed/deleted from group trading by the user in personal mode, then it is removed from group trading mode.

  1. From the list, connect accounts that will be formed into the group.

  2. Click the Create button to add the new group.

    The created group displays the following information:

    1. Exchange name.

    2. Group name.

    4. Master account name.

    5. Number of connected accounts to the group.

    6. Pause trading in the group. 7. Edit the group. Changing the master account or adding/removing accounts from the group is possible anytime. In case of removing an account from the group, all its orders and positions are saved, but an ability of mirror trading on it is cancelled.

    8. Delete the group. If the group is deleted, all orders and positions on all accounts are saved, but an ability of mirror trading on all accounts is cancelled.

A pause stops placing new orders, and also editing and closing both orders and positions. Previously created orders are saved.

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