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Trade on the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges:

Binance -- Spot Exchange trading, Spot Trade, Margin, Futures USDT, Futures COIN. Trading modes: One-way Mode, Hedge Mode.

Bitmex -- Futures trading.

Standard Orders

Market, limit (TIME - SMART - FOK - ICEBERG - IOC), stop, trailing stop, breakeven, Take Profit - multilevel, Stop Loss - multilevel.

Algorithmic Orders

Limit and stop Turn order --- proprietary algorithm that reduces risk when the market changes. Box top --- market order at a fixed price. It is with this order that a marketmaker moves the market, and it is available to everyone now.

Trading from the Chart

Simply an indispensable feature for any trader. Work directly on the asset chart. Placing, moving and blocking orders, as well as editing on the chart with one click.

Group Trading

A master account is an effective tool for working with several accounts. You can connect all the necessary accounts to work with them in a single interface. By placing orders or managing

positions, changes will occur on all accounts included in the group. This solution is convenient for managing traders who have several accounts.

Asset Management

A tool that allows to get maximum information about an account, as well as quickly manage all assets on the exchange, carry out transfers between Spot, Margin, Futures USDT, Futures COIN wallets, borrow and repay in the Margin wallet.

By enabling Margin auto borrow and repay, trading will become easier and clearer.

Money Management

The individual control system is aimed at reducing the risks of gambling trading. Keep this option always on to trade only within a preset limit. This will reduce risks of losing large amounts of deposit.

Risk Management

This mode allows to keep income or minimize losses. When Risk Management is activated, the terminal monitors the specified conditions in order to take profits or stop losses when they are reached.

Order Book Trade

Placing, editing, deleting limit orders in the order book ensures the most accurate and fast entry to the market. To prevent random errors when placing orders, the order book has 2 Buy/Sell modules, and each has its own scroll. Auto balancing provides up-to-date information even with increased market volatility.

Trader Diary

Analysis of the accumulated array of information in trading is very important.

Statistics play a big role in making a decision on a deal, choosing a strategy. The trader diary provides all the information about completed deals, and will serve as a source of data for further analysis. In addition, the diary will help the trader identify his mistakes and miscalculations to avoid them in future work.

Guest Mode of the Trader's Diary

It allows to share your successes with colleagues, friends or partners. Flexible configuration allows to share data on any form of trading. Using this tool, a master can successfully provide his subscribers with comprehensive information about his deals.

Market Monitoring

Monitoring displays information about triggered signals in modules -- Scanner and Market Activity.

Market Scanner -- tracks price and volume changes in milliseconds at all characters. Flexible configuration allows to customize it to suit your type of trading.

Market Activity -- tracks in minutes changes in prices and volumes at all characters. The market changes will not pass you by.

Order Book Tracker

Search for large orders placed in the order book, various types of trading, as well as on different exchanges in one window. This information is necessary for any trader to make the right trading decision.

The alert system will notify you of the occurrence of abnormal volumes. Flexible settings make it possible to set your own settings for each pair and notify you in a convenient form.

Volume Tracker

The system for identifying traded volume and analysis of the real market sentiment. The module will show all levels of buy-items of the market manipulators. The alert system will promptly notify you of large volumes entering the market.

Coin Tracker tracks all pairs presented by exchanges that makes it an indispensable tool in trading. Flexible settings make it possible to set your own settings for each pair and notify you in a convenient form.

Buy/Sell Tracker

With the Buy/Sell analysis module you will always understand what market sentiment is prevailing at the moment. In one window, you can see real buy and sell items on several exchanges at once to have a balanced approach to trading decisions. And a customizable alert system will notify you when market sentiment changes.

Trading History

A pleasant bonus for brand ambassadors and any user who has or is developing a network of contacts and is ready to recommend a quality product to those who do not know about it yet. Possibility of withdrawing income from the referral program to your wallet.

News Aggregator

Allows you to follow crypto news around the world. More than 50 sources in one window. Crypto calendar -- you will never miss an event on assets.

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